Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Belle & Beau..

As you already know i have two wonderful, cute, adorable little Kitty's! But i wasn't always happy about having my own pets...
I have always grown up with animals in my family whether that be cats, dogs, birds, fish, lizards, snakes, mice and rabbits. Yes, as you can tell my family (mainly my dad) are very big animal people! Now me, I've never been too fussed about animals, don't get me wrong i love all animals, and believe they should all be loved equally, big or small, but I've never been one to have any of my own.
The reason behind this was purely because i live independently, i work full time and if I'm honest i like my own space! (this probably makes me selfish)

So how on earth did i manage to end up with these two beautiful Kitty's?

Well this where it all started, one day after finally sitting down in my newly decorated place i was reflecting on how much my life had changed in the past year. I had started a new job, moved home, and was finally happy with my life right now, however i did still feel like something was missing somehow. So after some serious thought, it was then the idea was born (with my sisters help!) why don't i get a cat? They're easy to look after, don't make a mess, and they are real loving, family animals. Then i remembered i work all day so they would be on their own and it wouldn't be fair. I know I'll have TWO! They can accompany themselves during the day when I'm at work. So after all the 'i don't think ill ever have any pets' i sent my momma on a hunt to look for two kittens of  my own.

After weeks of searching, a young woman had two little cuties ready to be re-homed, my momma sent me photos of them, and oh boy they were cute, they needed to be my little babies! So that's how i ended up with two kittens!

Beau: Means beautiful for boy.      Belle: Means beautiful for girl.


They're now about 9 months old, and it was one of the best decisions I've made! Even though they can be little nightmares at times, i couldn't imagine them not being part of my life. They greet me every morning, they cosy up with me, they are two little Kitty's with huge personality's! They for sure complete my new home!  
I know this post wont appeal to some, but i just wanted to share the two most beautiful Kitty's i have ever seen!

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