My names Amii,  im 22 years young and im from a little place called Sedgley in the West Midlands UK. I live independently in a small flat which i love, as its a place where i can stamp my own individuality. I have two little kittys, Belle & Beau who i share my home with (these will most definitley be featured at some point in this blog) i have huge ambitons in life, and will ensure i never give up. I want to make sure that if my life was to flash before my eyes is was all worth it. 

So the reason as to why i have decided to blog.. I have for years been reading so many blogs, in particular the beauty and lifestyle ones, and have been inspired to create one of my own. a blog where i can write and post about the 'best things in life..'

My life! My passions! My stories!

So here goes, please be kind, an thank you so much for taking the time to indulge in abit of my life.



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