Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Dilemas ..

So il start by saying Halloween is one of my least favourite occassions of the year, (as i am a huge scardy cat!) however this year i was really looking forward to it, strange i know! It just so happened to land on the exact weekend the twinnies of my group of girlfriends, 22nd birthday outings were going to be. Which meant only one thing.. HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS!
I love getting dressed up in awesome outfits. so thats when it started, the researching of soooo many outfits and costumes, but i really couldnt find anything that really grabbed me. It was really beginning to bug me, then an idea poped into my head. Why not grunge up an old Dorothy costume i had hidden at the back of the warddrobe? (this was gathering dust). And that is when the ideas just started poping into my head, Zombie Dorothy, Dead Dorothy, Voodoo Dorothy, Vampire Dorothy..
  After watching soooo many halloween make up tutorials on YouTube, i finally found my perfect idea!
I used the Dorothy costume as a 'dolls dress' & blooded up the high white socks that came with it, i decided to style the look with my black creepers.

I made my face into part doll, part Zombie.


Featured| Collection 2000 foundation, MUA pallete, Sleek Pout paint, Sleek contour kit in medium, Rimmel Lip liner, Collection 2000 liquid liner in black, Sleek pallete BAD GIRL, MeMeMe pigment in black shimmer.
I washed, and part dried my hair then dutch braided. left for several hours and then undid the braids. after brushing all the waves, i back combed the top section of my hair and pinned into a quiff. i then back combed the rest of my roots so it looked big. using hair spray i heavily yes heavily sprayed to hold it in place for the night. Scary hair!!!
And the look was complete! Part doll,Part zombie came to life!

The night was awesome and the look stayed scary till then end, it has definitley made me look forward to next years events!

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