Saturday, 23 November 2013

Typical, Everyday Make-Up ..

So today my lovelys, i thought i would show you my typical everyday make up routine.
This may not be to everyones taste, so please don't feel like it's what you should be doing, it's just my own personal everyday look. 
  • Cleanse and Tone
  • Moisturise and de-puffing eye cream
  • Foundation & Concealer
  • Press powder
  • Fill in the brows
  • Line the eyelids
  • Apply false eye lashes
  • Apply mascara
  • Contour the hollows of the cheeks
  • Blush on the apples of the cheeks
  •  Lipstick
The first products i use are the Garnier Simply Essentials Cleaners & Toner. Now i have tried a few cleanser & toners and find that i always go back to this brand, they are a great affordable price, they are easy to get hold of. They always leave my skin feeling fresh and clean, and have a really nice fresh grape scent. Moving on to mositurisers, and eyecreams now, the one i am currently using is the Monu Hydrating Moisturiser SPF15 & the Sancturary Covent Garden eye brightening gel. The ones i have are minitures, the moisturiser i got in a previous GlossyBox and the Sancturary eye gel i got in a gift set. Both of which i will most definitley purchasing in a full size when they are finished. The Monu Moisturiser does exactly what it says in the name, it leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and soft, which is exactly what you need in a good moisturiser. I often find it hard to get a mosituriser that doesnt mke my skin break out, and this one is brilliant!
Once i have moisturised, i then use my Elf Powder brush to apply a pea sized amount of foundation all over my face and neck. Mine at the moment is Rimmel Match Perfection in shade True Nude- 302, i really do love this foundation, it gives amazing all over cover and is quite light on the skin. So i doesn't look caked on.
After foundation i then move on to concealing all my blemishes, red patches, and under the eye circles using, yes you've guessed it, the most raved about concealer to ever hit the beauty community, Collections Lasting Perfection in shade medium light. This is for sure the best concealer i have ever used, and would recommend anyone looking for a good drugstore concealer to get. To make sure my face is set i then press powder my face with a large powder brush using at the moment an MUA pressed powder in medium. This is something which i am testing out, i am still very unsure of this product, and need to use for abit longer to make a set decision on whether i enjoy it, as i am finding i need to re-apply throughout the day.
 Apologises on the writing being rubbed out, it is just well loved!
To fill my eyebrows in, i use a dark brow eye shadow with angled line brush, as i find shadow in the brows looks alot more natural then a penciled brow. You can also get a more defined look using a brush. Im using a small BeautyUk natural palete to do this. I only use this palete for this particular use, as the quality of the shadows i think are not that good for on the eyelid. so i am still on the look out for a good brow shadow!
I then line my eyelid line with a dark brown/ or black shadow, as i find its a lot softer on the lid, and more subtle look for everyday and as i wear false eyelashes all the time, it is also a background for them to be placed. I line the lid using a really small eye shadow brush with the colour black from my Sleek BadGirl palete, (which i believe is a limited edition one). Sleek paletes are the best drugstore paletes ever! They are highly pigmented, and come in such a large variety of colours.
Now as previously mentioned, i ALWAYS wear false eye lashes, the reason for this is purely because i have such large eyes, and my eye lashes are so tiny, my eyes never really look finished until i have put some on. Once my lashes have been applied, i put my mascara on both top & bottom lashes. The one im currently using is the Jelly PongPong Fairy Lashes. This is a brilliant mascara, and is super easy to apply. It really make my eye lashes stand out.
Now that my eyes, face and brows are complete, i like to contour the hollows of my cheeks, and apply some blush. By now you will probably realise i am a very big Sleek fan, so for sure the contour kit i use is Sleeks Kit in Medium. It is such a good kit and definitely ticks all the boxes, not only is it good for contouring, it has a bronzer and highlighter included! Absoulutely one of my favourite beauty purchases. And for blush on the apples of my cheeks i will use also another Sleek product, the blush Rose Gold. This is a beautiful product, really pigmented, beautiful colour, easy to use, and you dont need much at all.
Swatch of the colour 110 to the left
Finally the lips! you will soon learn i LOVE a good red lip! So typically i like to wear a nice red, whether that be dark, or a bright one. The one i have currently chosen to wear is from the Kate Moss collection in Rimmel, the shade 110. Her collection is super lovely, really good nutrioning lipsticks, that last for hours, without needed to re-apply.
So there you go, my everyday make up look & routine at the moment, please be sure to leave me recommendations for good press powders or brow shadows. I'm really keen on finding new ones for my collection.

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