Monday, 28 April 2014

Extremely belated new year post.

So this is lonnnng over due and i apologise for my lack of posts, however i come today with my head in my hands ready to deliver an awesome blog post..
Ok that may be a little lie but i will most definitely up date you with the main events of 2014 so far!
New Year!
My new year plans weren't so planned, in fact it was more like get ready and just see where the night takes us. It just so happened to be a crazy night with some of my close friends which i really enjoyed. It was also the beginning of 2014 were i decided to make some decisions (and were i promised to post more blog's) (so far not so good)!
Last Ever Blast Off!
Now this was a big event of 2014, as a big part of my past where a lot of memories were made was closing down forever! It turned out to be a very eventful night where one of our girls went missing for the entire night and turned up at the end of the of night strolling out the men's toilets,where she had fallen asleep. However barring that it was an awesome closing down party. RIP BLAST OFF!(Y)
Baby Melissa-Rose xo
This was a huge event of the year so far. My beautiful baby cousin Missy was born. She weighed 8pounds 1oz and was born on the 31st March 2014.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Pure perfection!
So far these are the main moments of 2014!

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